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Real Talk: "You, Me and Mental Health"

Today I am bringing something different to my blog. I wanted to express to my readers, my thoughts and opinion on a topic that a lot of individuals deal with but don’t realize they’re not alone. Mental health is a issue that so many of us (including myself) struggle with. I’ve had my battles with mental health before and I’m still working on some of my problems that stem from that till this day.

With the many things I want to do in this life, I want bringing awareness and solutions to mental health issues and disorders to be in the forefront. Like I said before, I’ve experienced those demons firsthand and I know others in my life that have dealt with that type of pain as well. One thing I know for sure that puts you onto the path of healing is letting go of that fear and expressing those depressive thoughts and feelings you have.

Here’s how I see it, the world is split into two sections:

Progression and Resistance.

Within progression, is where we can see the future, a better, brighter world/life with unity, love and peace.

Then within resistance is where the past and present are muddled together, all the problems that currently have no solution, where there’s a void of hope, a pit of demons that keeps pulling people into regression.

I’ve decided that using my gifts to pull myself up and sharing that with others could have the capability to touch so many people.

I want to be example of how it’s important to never count yourself out, that your story is significant.

This world we live in could end tomorrow at the rate we’re going and I’ve been at a point in my life where I wanted to take myself out this world thinking that I would be saving myself but I was wrong.

I chose to live, I chose progression.

Anyone that chooses to use their lives as a tool for progression will ultimately win the to fight against resistance.

There are several things that help me in my path of healing and having a healthier mindset:

1. Learning to accept myself, flaws and all and making the decision that I have the power to change the things I don’t like about myself and the things I can’t control or change I learn to love myself and be more positive through those situations instead of lose myself!

2. Letting go of people and situations where I was hurt.

3. Finding my voice and expressing my pain to others in a healthy way.

4. Writing!

5. Making healthier choices like diet and exercise.

6. Prayer!

7. Being more grateful and appreciative.

8. Gossiping less, staying away from talking down on others.

9. Laugh more!

10. And not taking myself or life too seriously sometimes!

For any of my readers that are struggling with mental illness, mental health or know someone that is but cannot find tools on their own to start healing, I strongly encourage you to seek professional help. There is no shame in it, I have sought out professional help in the past and it does work.

If you haven’t heard it enough or at all, I LOVE YOU AND KEEP FIGHTING.