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#DressDominica: Hurricane Maria Relief

I want to share with you all today something very close to my heart. Dominica, the Caribbean island where both my parents were born, has been devastated this passed weekend by Hurricane Maria. This years hurricane season has brought the worst storms, almost all of them being category four or five. Even though I wasn’t born there, my parents never let my brother and I forget where we can from, they always made sure we were proud of our heritage and culture. There is no one that can tell me otherwise, I am and always will be proud Dominican girl through and through. In this time of hardship and distress, Dominica has been left with little to no resources. American news media has covered their situation somewhat but it is still not enough. As a college student only four weeks into the semester at University of Maryland Eastern Shore and all the stress that comes with that, I couldn’t just be stagnant and stand by. My heart was broken for my country but I decided to use it as motivation instead. I have started a clothes drive formally known as #DressDominica in collaboration with and the Law Offices of Gabriel J. Christian. Please help me help my country! Help and Donate any adult or children's clothes, shoes or unopened hygiene products you are willing to part with! For more information on how to help/donate, visit the #DressDominica page.