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On the Rise: Fashion Friends

This week on 3MMEDIA, it's my honor to feature two young people making strides and creating their own path in the fashion industry. Kayla Mosegi and Armani Lewis are students at University of Maryland Eastern Shore, both majoring in Human Ecology with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising. On September 12th, both of them assumed the titles of Mister and Miss Human Ecology, these titles are a tradition in most if not all the departments at our school. With these titles, Kayla and Armani serve as public faces for the Human Ecology department and have duties that ultimately spread awareness on campus about the department and all that it offers. In my opinion, these titles were well earned because of the dedication and work ethic of these two individuals who aspire to have careers in fashion. I conducted a interview with both of them to give you all a chance to learn more about them.

Sam: What steps are you taking now to reach your career goals while being a college student as well?

Kayla: I'm focused on school and graduating and getting a post graduation job opportunity. In the future I want to be a celebrity fashion stylist, creative director (for magazines, attached to a company).

Armani: My main way of trying to reach my career goals is networking. Getting my name out in the field. Actively reaching out to different people that are in the same career path as me in order to mold my path. Learning from their mistakes and their success to better my path.

Sam: If you could have a conversation with any public figure (dead or alive), who would it be?

Kayla: June Ambrose (celebrity fashion stylist), I look up to her. She was known for creating the famous flamboyant looks for Missy Elliot in her 90's music videos. In high school I tweeted her with advice for a homecoming outfit and she responded to me saying she liked my ideas.

Armani: If I could have a conversation with any public figure it would be MLK. I want to know what as an African American community are we doing wrong. MLK played a major part and laid the stepping stones to get blacks where we are now and I want to know how we can replicate that same step so that we as African Americans can continue to move forward.

Sam: Who/what inspired/inspires you to pursue a career in fashion?

Kayla: The attractiveness and immortal sense of the fashion industry is what made me interested/inspired me. Seeing other stylists/fashion designers/fashion shows within the industry showed me that this is what I want to do. To have somebody big pronounce my last name correctly is my goal and to have a successful career being a stylist.

Armani:I would say my whole educational career inspired me to choose a career in fashion. From elementary to high school I was forced to wear a uniform, with no way to express myself through clothes for 12 years of my life. So once I was able to dress freely how I wanted. I found myself searching for my style and it really just opened me up to the world of fashion.

Sam: What has been your favorite show at this years new york fashion week so far ?

Kayla: Brandon Maxwell, Laquan Smith, Tom Ford

Armani: I haven't watched any of the fashion shows this week so far. I try to restrain from watching so that when I get creative ideas for designing or styling. I know it's an original thought and not from something I've already seen.

Sam: What does the title Miss Human Ecology mean to you ?

Kayla: These titles make us public figures for the department/club (Human Ecology). Other students can reach out to us for any questions or needs. I will be the public face of the organization and give positive energy to other students/campus and promote the club and whatever activities the organization will be having.

Armani: Being Mister Human Ecology honestly means a lot. Most people don't know about Human Ecology. Most will say "oh you're a fashion major", no I'm a Human Ecology major with a concentration in Fashion Merchandising. It's much more to us and as Mister Human Ecology I want to bring awareness to our Department.

In addition to their aspirations to be stylists/designer, Kayla and Armani work together on our school's modeling team (Haus of Legacy), Kayla as the events manager on the executive board and Armani as the founding president.

Keep up with them on social media!

Kayla: Instagram- @styledbymosegi/@bymosegibrand, Twitter- @drakeloveskayla

Armani: Instagram- @xoxoarmani Twitter- @heisarmani