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Discover your Drip: Find your signature style

(*Pictured* Top: Asos Curve, Skirt: Asos Curve, Sandals: Payless, Sunglasses: Forever 21)

What inspires you ?

When it comes to how someone dresses, there are an abundance of influences that can determine someone's signature style. The things around you that interest you the most or describe your personality the best, represents your sense of style. For example: designers, brands, celebrities, public figures or posts you see on social media from other "influencers" that share the same fashion sense are all things that inspire you and your style. For me, the designer Christian Siriano, who has created plus size collections, has given me ideas to incorporate in my own wardrobe. As far as "influencers", I would say @lacetiat is definitely a fierce figure I look to for inspiration. She is a plus size model who has a cult following on Instagram and is known for posing for popular brands that feature plus size collections like Forever 21, Missguided, and Fashion Nova.

Take risks

Keeping this is in mind when you're out shopping or putting a outfit together will help your looks stay fresh and interesting. When shopping don't be afraid to buy pieces that you normally wouldn't. If you're in your favorite store and come across something that catches your eye but you wouldn't normally choose take the chance and buy it. You never know how much you will end up loving it!

Your "Go-To Beat"

I know makeup is meant to be a form of experiment, a different result every time but sometimes that's not the case. With life's chaos and our daily routines, it feels like we never have time to feel glamorous. My advice to you is to plan your makeup looks in advance. I know that might sound a little weird but it works! Whatever you're doing the next day that gives you limited time to get ready, the night before set out the products you would need for a look that takes less than 15 minutes to finish. I do this almost every night, especially when I'm at school and it really helps. I will show you guys some of my favorite products that I use daily to achieve fast and easy looks.

Products I Use Often:

Love Yo self!

The best thing a girl could ever wear is her confidence. When you have a positive mentality and live everyday with self love and self respect, it shows. When you are comfortable in who you are

, you will understand that the clothes, make up and shoes are just a added bonus. Once you do that, it will change the way you walk, talk and even affect the way people interact with you. Get right with yourself first and the rest will fall in place. Trust me sis.

"The best thing a girl could ever wear is her confidence,"


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