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Real Talk: Overbearing Opinion Pushers

We all know one and maybe sometimes they might be closer to home than we would like or expect. Dealing with people that have to force what they think and believe on to you is just another annoying thing life throws at you. There are times where we even catch ourselves doing it. I'll be honest and say I've definitely done it before while just having a simple conversation. Even when someone's intentions might be good; when you want to practice healthy forms of communication it is important to make sure that you are listening so the other person doesn't feel unheard. It is okay to give constructive criticism and advice but that is all it should be. One person isn't as strong as the next, words can really affect someone if you aren't careful with how you say them. When I was growing up I was surrounded by adults that often thought they knew what was best for me just because it worked for them. Being who I was and looking the way I did and still look, made it difficult for me to find confidence and I struggled with self doubt. Some days I still have to fight those battles but instead of forfeiting, I remember who I am and who I want to be. I am capable, I am strong and I will survive. As long as you stand firm in who you are and what you believe. No one with the incapability of seeing any other point of view but their own can stand in your way.


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